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Leema.ai harnesses data and Crowd wisdom
to revolutionize Cannabis consumption

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Consumption tracking

Leema.ai helps you track your cannabis consumption and effects

Medical indications

Leema.ai offers indication specific medical questionnaires to help you track the effect of cannabis on your medical indication

שלישיית מעקב שאלונים

Leema.ai is proud to partner with “Bari Be’Israel” to improve cannabis user experience

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Leema helps cannabis users track their symptoms and learn what really works for them! We bring real world evidential data and the most recent clincal research to help improve your cannabis experience.

We currently operate in Israel and offer our users access to all the available products on the market. Interested in working with us in other territories? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to talk!

Leema.ai offers patient a convenient way to log and track their cannabis consumption (flowers/vaping/oil), the amount consumed and the effect on their current and ongoing condition.

Leema also offers a weekly personalized questionnaire,. Tracking long effects of your medical condition to learn how cannabis effects them (sleep quality, emotional difficulties, etc.)

We always try to make sure we have all the available product on the market – if we missed something – drop us a line! 😊