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Medical Cannabis 3.0 - AI-based therapy

Up until now, the responsibility rested on you solely.

From one prescription to the next, by yourself, waiting for an opportunity to speak to your doctor every other month, in an attempt to find a better treatment for your needs,through trial and error.

Starting now – leema is here to make sure your doctor follows you daily, and has all the necessary data to treat you better.

Identifying the ideal treatment

From morning till night, through its user-friendly interface that documents consumption levels and their effects, leema is there with you. Our tracking interface allows you to easily record your daily consumption style, quantities and times, with reference to the  effects of the treatment on your medical condition.  All, with the intention of optimizing the appropriate treatment for you.

Collection and documentation of medical indices

Data that helps you get the most out of your treatment

leema enables you to monitor the effects of medical cannabis on your physiological perimeters (heart rate, sleep hours, activity levels and more…) through the use of a wearable sensor. leema lets your doctor follow you in real time, to improve the quality of care and produce better outcomes for your wellbeing.

Strict privacy protection of your information

The information on the app is encrypted at the highest standard

leema complies with all the necessary security information standards, and the privacy protection regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Justice, the American HIPAA standard and the European GDPR standard, in order to guard your privacy in the safest way possible.

A toolbox for physicians who specialize in cannabis

Step forward into hybrid medicine with advanced technology leema is not only a tool, but a comprehensive toolbox to better attend to the treatment of medical cannabis consumers/patients. It is an opportunity to revolutionize the quality of care – and the life quality of your patients.

Be a part of a community of patients and doctors

Feel a sense of belonging to people who share your experience leema lets you interact with users and experts, share information with doctors and feel a part of a bigger community. The wisdom of the crowd? The crowd has not only wisdom but also a big heart!

Custom recommendations

Artificial intelligence that follows you in real time.

leema helps you achieve the ultimate level of care. leema eliminates the guesswork — the app will support your improvement, based on artificial intelligence and clinical studies.

leema 3D

Taking you to the future of care


leema is an app which allows medical cannabis patients to track their cannabis usage and learn through information from doctors, therapists, medical studies and patients like them, what’s best for their personal needs.

The application is adapted to the Israeli market and includes the products which are currently sold in Israel.

Medical cannabis patients can document their product usage and the effects of these products on their wellbeing.

The app enables patients to respond to medical questionnaires regarding their condition and presents matrices that facilitate tracking the impact of the treatment overtime in a convenient and easy-to-understand manner.

We strive to update the products in the store as quickly as possible. If you find a product that we have not added yet, we will be glad for your input!

Studies show that simply documenting cannabis use leads to a better sense of control over one's medical condition. We believe that reflecting the effects of the various strands in a clear and convenient manner for both physicians and patients, can bring an improvement in the care and selection of product varieties which are best suited for your needs.

We are currently working with a limited number of leading physicians in the field of cannabis treatment in Israel, and invite you to contact us for collaborations!

You can contact us at [email protected]


Dany Reiss


Tamar Kornitzer

Head of product and strategy

Geffen Malki

Head of marketing

Noa Silberklang

business development and growth

Alex Rosenbaum

Medical director

Yaron Shoob


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leema and  “בריא בישראל” are collaborating to improve the medical cannabis consumption experience.

A comprehensive clinical study regarding the effects of cannabis on the treatment of patients suffering from Crohn's and colitis is currently being conducted in collaboration with a leading HMO in Israel; which includes leema as part of the therapeutic toolbox. Interested in joining the study? Using cannabis for a differenet medical condition another and interested in having us meet your doctor? Fill in the form and we will get back to you